Hi, I'm Roderick De Jesus!

I am a fine artist and illustrator. I work primarily in watercolors, gouache and cassein, though I'm versed in digital painting and graphic design as well.I am currently open for commissions.

Liz So Wut
The Artist In Shelter at 34
30 paintings in 30 days.
"The Artist at 32"
Still Moving
A tribute to the hobby I spend too much time with.
Liz So Wut
Personal work
The Artist at 31 (circa 2015)
An annual tradition, doing one self portrait as an exercise in self reflection
Watercolors - Illustrative
Illustrations done for personal or professional reasons done in traditional media
Collection of professional work from a variety of clients.
Digital Portraits
A Set of portraits done for close friends and family.
Geopolis Theater Posters
A collection of posters done for Geopolis Theater in Chicago, IL
Fine Art
Work done traditionally for galleries in and around Chicago
The Darling Series
A collection of greeting cards done for Joan Philo, a casting director in Chicago, IL. The cards range from thank you cards for movie workers to traditional themed cards. I did this project traditionally in watercolor.
Personal Work
Collection of Non professional work
Still LIfe
A collection of still life paintings both commissioned and personal.
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