30 in 30 International 
November 2017 I was challenged by a friend Jessica Rold to create 30 paintings in 30 days of November. I had previously done personal daily painting series, but nothing sell-able so my challenge to myself was to create a series of works that were small and affordable, easily frame-able and gift-able in a way that viewers on Instagram and Facebook would look and not hesitate when wanting to own one. I think my main challenge was to create something I thought people might WANT, while still retaining my preferred subject matter of small mundane objects that people have probably spent their entire lives looking at without batting an eye. 
The thing about small objects that always caught my attention is that we use these items so often, we gloss over them, and the details and the parts of they play in our lives. We take these things for granted, these pencil sharpeners, these locks, pliers, etc. This project was primarily posted to Instagram and amazingly I sold quite a few of them pretty quick, and I am always super interested in hearing the reasons for why these paintings spoke to people. 

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